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In Texas, we say bigger is better! Not necessarily so when it comes to the size of your  air conditioning service company.

There comes a time when every homeowner is faced with the harsh reality that they must replace their air conditioning and heating system. An expensive proposition to say the least. But, there are ways to take the sting out of the costly adventure.

All companies, large and small, deal with operating costs everyday. These costs are incurred whether the company does any business on a particular day or not. The larger the company the greater the costs. These costs are called overhead. These overhead costs are passed onto you, the customer.

Most medium to large sized companies will sustain an overhead burden between 30% to 35%. This means that if you buy a system for $8000.00, approximately 1/2 of the price, or $4000.00 is for the equipment, parts, labor, and sales commissions. The other half is gross profit ( overhead + net profit ). The industry average for net profit is 10% to 15% dependent upon how a company prices their product. Overhead will calculate out at $2800.00 and net profit will be $1200.00.

To offset the rising costs of benefits for employees, insurance, retirement, holidays, vacations, sales commissions, the large company must continue to ask you, the customer, to pay these increases.

Enter the small company. It could be a well qualified one man shop, or a family staffed business, both of which can offer service comparable to or even greater than their larger counterparts. The small company can offer everything the larger company can offer and more. Just imagine, the same service technician taking care of your home's comfort system every time you have a need for service. No need training a new person each time you have a problem. The same technician will know you, know your system, and value you as a customer that much more. Afterall, the technician will be the Owner of the Company. Same product, better service, and with low overhead, for much less money. The example above for an $8000.00 system would generally be priced at $5800.00 to $6000.00. This is a potential savings of $2200.00 for the exact system and warranties. Well worth a phone call to the smaller company.

We are HILL COUNTRY AIR, small on overhead, big on service. The owner has managed two of the largest air conditioning firms in South Texas for the past 32 years. He has served as the Chairman of the Board for the San Antonio Air Conditioning Contractor's Association . The owner is State licensed, and is NATE certified.

So be financially smart. Before you buy, give us a try.

HILL COUNTRY AIR. Built by our family, to serve your family.

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